Pomodorini: The Cherry Tomato Procrastination Cure

Pomodorini: The Cherry Tomato Procrastination Cure

By Donna Anastasi

  • Release Date : 2016-09-10
  • Genre : Développement personnel
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Pomodorini: The Cherry Tomato Procrastination Cure The life of the procrastinator is fraught with anxiety and worry. Much of the time is spent oscillating between avoiding doing what needs to be done and sitting in front of the computer intending to do it, but not. Whether at work or at play there is a lingering feeling of guilt about to dos left undone. Thinking back on life, there is an endless stream of opportunities I’ve forsaken because “I had work to do.” And then spent the day not doing it. Other times, I’d go to fun events and while my body was there, my mind was mulling over work undone with a heaping side of anxiety and regrets over not being in front of the computer doing it. And yes, while being in the super-me stage is cool, fun, exhilarating even, it is not without cost. The metamorphosis happens through an extreme state of panic (think Bruce Banner’s trigger and his transitioning into the Hulk), and afterwards there is a period of complete exhaustion due both to sleep deprivation and from intense prolonged metal alertness and work (think Bruce Banner post-episode when he’s used-up and washed out, practically catatonic in his ragged clothes).

In recent years, I’ve become more and more spiritually awakened, more conscious, more present. Procrastination simply is not compatible with a balanced life and inner peace. It cannot be because it requires the pendulum swing between avoidance behavior, which is being two places at once, and intense emotional panic as a predecessor to getting any real work done. In the last couple of years, I came to decide I wanted a change, a real change and began in earnest to find a cure to this ailment.

The procrastination cure has two parts. The first is to treat procrastination as the addiction it is. The second is to follow a method that I’m calling Pomodorini which is an effective way to address the procrastinator’s two major weaknesses entering into work flow and staying there.